Kellogg's Colour & Win

Cereal for breakfast has long been a routine for families the world over, but somewhere over the years cereal lost its excitement and in turn its place at the breakfast table.


Working with an overly loud and cluttered cereal aisle and a product category that has lost its love to other options, we were tasked with exciting shoppers with the funt that can be had with Kellogg's.


The humble cereal box was once a source morning entertainment. Although children may not remember it, their grocery buying parents sure do.


To stand out on shelf, we reversed common logic and removed the colour from our packs, in effect turning the entire box into a playground for colouring in fun. Adding even more excitement to the pack, we developed a web-app that took cereal lovers custom colouring creations and mapped them onto  animated 3D versions of the subjects in Augmented Reality.

To drive trial, we partnered with Crayola to give away colouring packs every day; cereal lovers simply colour in their creation, bring it to life in AR and they are in the running.