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Junior Designer


What do you like best about your job?

I’d have to say working closely with so many extremely talented people – and each in different ways. It’s an environment that lends itself to creative/personal/professional exploration and growth. I really like that.

Who’s your hero?
I don’t think I could label one person with the title of hero – I look up to so many people ranging from Andy Warhol to Leonardo Da Vinci to three legged dogs. Anyone with some gumption – passion and drive. All that stuff.

What’s your dream brand to work on?
Funnily enough, if asked this question before starting here at Kinetic, I would have said Coca-Cola. I began collecting Coke memorabilia from a young age and always wanted to work for them when I ‘grew up’. So I guess that means I’ve already accomplished my dream… I suppose I’ll have to aim higher. Maybe NASA.

Your go-to website or blog?
Kotaku – they give me all of my important cultural information