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Financial Controller


Financial Controller


I could be bribed with…
Official Answer: Chartered Accountants uphold rigorous standards of integrity at all times. I could never be bribed to compromise my morals.

Unofficial Answer: Perhaps time. None of us ever have enough of that, and we all need more of it.

What’s your favourite place in the world?
Tokyo, it’s cutting-edge in some respects, but often backwards or archaic at the same time. Its respect of its own history and culture is so far beyond ours, but its intolerance for outsiders is indefensible in today’s world. It’s not perfect, but it’s amazing every time I return.

Who’s your hero?
It’s a cliché, but my parents. They raised me and made me who I am, sacrificing so much that they were entitled to have for themselves to do so.

What do you like best about your job?
I like that there’s never a dull moment. Although some tasks are repetitive, new things crop up every day to keep you on your toes. I like solving problems and finding new opportunities. I also really like the team of people we have here.

If you could invent anything what would it be?
“Uploading” a brain into a computer, keeping the consciousness and personality of a person intact and able to connect to others over the internet and able to consume digital media. It would be cool to exist for eternity “reading” books, “listening” to music and “watching” movies, while instantaneously communicating with all the other people in your life, both alive and dead.